Committee  Title   Member Name

Ad Council Co-Chairs Helen Jones & Matt Harris
Ad Council Secretary Janis Hawkins
Ad Council Lay Leader Todd Capenter
Ad Council SPR/PPR Chair Mike Wortman
Ad Council Finance Chair Janis Hawkins
Ad Council Trustee Chair John Hawkins
Ad Council Church Treasurer Cheryl Crudup
Ad Council UMW Chair Janis Hawkins
Ad Council Pastor John Nader

Finance Chairperson Janis Hawkins
Finance Pastor John Nader
Finance Admin./Ministry Council Chair Helen Jones
Finance Chairperson of SPR Mike Wortman
Finance Chairperson of Trustees John Hawkins
Finance Lay Leader Todd Carpenter
Finance Financial Secretary
Finance Treasurer/ Admin (non-voting) Cheryl Crudup
Finance 2018 Member Janis Hawkins
Finance 2019 Member Colleen Hamilton
Finance 2019 Member Matt Harris

Trustees Chairpersons John Hawkins
Trustees Vice Chairperson
Trustees Secretary
Trustees Pastor John Nader
Trustees 2018 Member John Hawkins
Trustees 2019 Member
Trustees 2020 Member Cindy Jordan

Staff/Parish Relations(SPRC) Chairperson Mike Wortman
SPR Lay Leader Todd Carpenter
SPR Lay Member John Hawkins
SPR Lay Member Janis Hawkins
SPR 2018 Member Kris Kizer
SPR 2018 Member Allen Brabson
SPR 2019 Member Mike Wortman
SPR 2019 Member Karen Carpenter

Fundraiser (Building) Lord’s Acre Co-Chairs Janalee Martin & Rachel Wallin
Fundraiser Lord’s Acre 2018 Member Todd Carpenter
Fundraiser Lord’s Acre 2018 Member Janalee Martin
Fundraiser Lord’s Acre 2019 Member Matt Harris
Fundraiser Lord’s Acre 2019 Member Jenny Duggin

Fundraiser (Backpack/Garments) BBQ Co-Chairpersons Todd Carpenter
Fundraiser (Children/Youth) Golf Co-Chairperson Dave Woffard
Fundraiser Golf Co-Chairperson Matt Harris

Scholarship Committee Chair
Scholarship Committee 2018 Member Karen Carpenter
Scholarship Committee 2019 Member
Scholarship Committee 2020 Member

Mission (Backpack/Garments) Chair

Care/Mission Team Care Team Chair Jacque Wortman
Care/Mission Team Mission Team Chair TBD
Care/Mission Team Backpacks/Food Pantry
Care/Mission Team Native Amer. Indian Mission