03-26-2020 Cornoavirus (COVID-19) Update

I appreciate the continued support from our loving community. Many of you have had an opportunity to watch the YouTube Live video from this last week and have offered encouraging words about the experience. This week as we are promoting the idea of shelter-in-place we have had our worship team send videos remotely. We will however still have some aspects of the worship service produced from within the sanctuary. On Sunday, April 5, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion remotely and I will offer you some guidance in participating at home.

During this season of separation, we are discovering new ways to be a community even when we are apart. Each day, you will be receiving an email from the church containing the Daily Text. This email is written and composed by Pastor John with guidance from the book Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals. This email contains a daily Psalm, Old Testament text, and Gospel reading along with a reflection and prayer.

As we come closer to the celebration of Holy Communion, I want you to feel connected as possible to the Sacrament. This is a unique opportunity the Bishop id giving churches to have Communion remotely. In this setting I ask that you find bread, cracker, tortilla, or some form of “Body” and juice or some form of “Cup”. The Pastor must consecrate the elements in the sanctuary and the community will then partake remotely. I understand that this is not ideal but in times as these we must do our best with what we have available.

Also, our youth and children’s director Callie Barbee is producing content through the Remind app for Kids for Christ, God’s Squad, and Youth. Also, she will be uploading a video to Facebook or using Facebook Live weekly with a teaching for the children. At the end of this email you will find the class codes for the appropriate groups for your kids.

This time of separation can also be entertaining. For Palm Sunday, April 5, we will be compiling a slide show of the congregation waving leaves, sticks, cutout palms, or coloring pictures of palms. Please email your pictures to church@brockumc.com by Wednesday, April 1. This will give us time to compile the slide show for Sunday morning.

We are of course thinking of an Easter Egg Hunt as well. Following the idea of the bear hunt, we are asking community members to create (an) Easter egg(s) to place outside of their home. Take a picture with your egg(s) and send it to church@brockumc.com by Wednesday, April 8. We will promote the egg hunt throughout the community for people to go searching for eggs in their vehicles or on walks and bike rides.

There is an outpouring of love in our community that I want to celebrate as well. The Sew Blessed group is working to make masks for the healthcare workers who are on the front lines of the pandemic. In this effort they are asking for elastic (1/4” flat or 1/8” round) to help make these masks. If you have elastic to donate, please bring it to the church and we will get it to those who are making the masks.

Remember that in this time of separation, we need to remain connected. Please check your emails regularly as we will be sending the Daily Texts and e-News from the church. Also stay tuned into our Facebook Page, our website, and our YouTube Channel. Also, please remember to continue your financial support of the church through mail (127 Lazy Bend Road, Brock, TX 76087), giving online, or through your financial institution.

I have received several reports from church members this week of the outpouring of love throughout this community. I as well have been shocked with the amount of calls and text messages I have received. You have made me proud as your Pastor. Let us continue this trend with calls, texts, and notes of love.

In Christ.

Pastor John Nader

Remind Class Codes:
Kids for Christ (K – 4th Grade) @h8akf7
God’s Squad (5th & 6th Grade) @22he2b
Youth (7th – 12th Grade) @brockumc